Friday, September 11, 2015

The She-Shed Is Gaining Popularity

Move Over Man Caves, the ‘She-Shed’ Is Gaining Popularity

Men have their man caves, but how about a space just for females? Welcome, the “she shed.”
These backyard retreats are becoming the latest buzzword in interior design — emerging as the perfectly carved out haven for the woman of the household who seeks a quiet place of her own. Women are transforming old backyard sheds or even building mini cottages to create a place of relaxation or where they can pursue hobbies, such as ceramics, painting, and gardening. They are designing these mini sheds with everything from crystal chandeliers to luxurious furniture to create a top-notched designed space with all those feminine touches their heart desires. The only rule: No men allowed.
Take a look at some of these ‘she sheds’ photographed on Houzz.

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