Monday, November 2, 2015

Winter Prep Saves Money

Remind Clients: Winter Prep Saves Money

Whether they're snowy and frigid or just blah and wet, winter months drive many to spend more time in their homes. Help your clients ward off cabin fever with the tips posted by financial site Wise Bread to winterproof homes.

Next up, seal areas of the home where pests can enter, since they hate the winter too. Closing up cracks on the outside can prevent rodents from entering, and storing firewood at least 20 feet from the house will help keep mice and ants away.
Writer Mikey Rox offers nine tips to get through the winter happier and healthier. First on his list: Acclimate to the temperature by setting thermostats down, not up. Gradually lowering the thermostat, by a degree a week to a point where you still feel comfortable, can save bundles of money. Sealing or wrapping windows can add to the effect.
Before snow sets in, clearing vents and chimneys can avoid carbon monoxide backups. Leaves, vines, shrubs, and plants can all create blockages that can cause carbon monoxide to enter the home.
Rox also suggests winterizing pipes to keep them from freezing and possibly bursting. This includes sprinkler systems, exterior pipes, and air conditioners.

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