Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quick Tips for Selling Your Home

Focus on the Foyer
Most prospective buyers enter your home through the front door, so that's a prime spot to make some improvements. Apply a fresh coat of paint if it's looking dingy, eliminate or hide all clutter, and clean out the coat closet so that it looks more spacious. Then pick one thing that you could upgrade in this area. Add a new hanging light fixture or replace that painting or picture with a large mirror. Maybe it's time to replace that old bowl of potpourri with a simple, fresh floral arrangement or a stack of design books with an ornamental accessory on top. The look should be simple and sophisticated.

Go for the Odd Number
After you've edited your accessories, show them off the right way. Most interior decorators will tell you that odd-numbered groupings can be very effective. When organizing vignettes of accessories, vary the shape, color, and size and don't line them up. For example: Hang a large landscape above a table where there's a lamp and a plant, or groups of three. Less really is more.
 Expand Spaces Visually
Dark wall color can make a room look smaller, focus on lighter neutral tones. Float furniture (pushing it against the walls actually makes the room feel smaller) in logical conversational groupings, with enough space for people to move between pieces easily. Make sure large pieces of furniture don't block sight lines to a great view or a pretty focal point, such as a fireplace. Stagers suggest that rugs stop a foot or two from walls. A rug that's too big shrinks a room; if it's too small it just looks awkward. If your dining room is modest in size, take extra leaves out of your table and limit chairs to four.

 Dress the Set

What are those last-minute things you can do that make a difference? Make sure your fridge is clean and kitchen cupboards are organized. Throw away kitchen sponges and put away dirty dishtowels, mops and brooms. Place a floral arrangement on your dining room or kitchen table. Empty all wastebaskets and take out all garbage. Replace bar soap with liquid soap dispensers bathrooms, and put out clean, pretty towels. Make sure your doormats are clean and presentable. Sweep your front porch and sidewalk.

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