Friday, March 11, 2016

Tips for Curb Appeal in Spring

Critique Your Property
Start treating your home like a commodity.  Take a look at it like a buyer would.  Walk out to the front of your house so that you can get a good look.  Find the best exterior features, find what buyers might think of the first impression and improve on it.  You should also be looking at the bad, and figuring out how to fix that.   The front of your house is important because it is the first thing the buyer sees.  Walk around your house to see if anything needs to be replaced or repaired.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Keeping the outside of your house clean and neat is the most important aspect of curb appeal. Clean up your yard, storing or getting rid of toys or other items that have been left out.  After the necessary work, clean the outside of your home.   If you see any exterior paint that is old or peeling , it would be worth a fresh coat of paint.

Lawn and Garden
Weed your lawn and flower beds.  Make sure to mow your grass, edge your sidewalk and driveway.  Give your flowerbeds a clean look.  Trim down any shrubs, and get rid of any dead plants or flowers.

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